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Our team is dedicated to keeping your plants healthy and looking their best.

Our installation crew has one mission in mind: To implement the planting of your project to perfection.

  • We use the latest techniques and tools in the industry
  • "Keen attention to detail" is our motto
  • Creative solutions to issues that may arise keep our install team unsurpassed in the industry
  • 30 years of experience coupled with a creative eye result in a spectacular interior landscape
  • The smallest and largest of plantings are viewed as equals
  • Sound horticultural is at the root of all our installations assuring continued plant viability
  • An eye for the aesthetic outcome is always in play
  • Timely results are always kept in focus to meet customer deadlines

Interior Plant Maintenance and Care

Over the years we have tweaked and perfected our plant maintenance and care processes. This reflects an ongoing evolution of on-the-job experience and industry innovations. We believe that plant maintenance requires both sound horticultural practices and a true spirit of caring.

  • Each horticultural care technician is introduced to our style of maintenance in a 3-month on-the-job training program. We support our technicians and enhance their work experience by providing them with the benefit of our own years of knowledge and experience. Our training in plant care is treated as an ongoing process that is reinforced through regular staff follow-up and account reviews.
  • Our staff members are selected to meet the criteria of our founder, Cynthia Dodd’s mission: "To provide excellent horticultural care to our clients. To promote plants in the work environment as an enhancement to employee wellness and satisfaction. To care for our customers' plants as if they were our own."

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